MINISTERIAL: The following are guidelines for the various ministries within our parish:

PARISH RELATED: We also have guidelines on the following:

CHILD PROTECTION: Since the establishment of The Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office in the Archdiocese of Sydney in November 2015, parishes are now required to keep strict records according to their range of Safeguarding protocols and procedures that work together to protect children from harm.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has established a Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Young People.  CLICK HERE to read the Code.

For more information about The Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office, please click HERE.

What does this mean for parents in relation to your child being involved with events at St Christopher’s parish Holsworthy?  In short, this means:

  • A parent must be present during any parish related events that their child is involved.  These relate to:
    • All Sacramental program lessons, Mass attendances, rehearsals (if conducted outside of the school organised Retreat day).
    • Children’s choir practices – for the monthly scheduled Vigil Mass or if participating in the parish’s annual Carols by Candlelight event.
    • Sign In your attendance every time you need to attend the event.
  • Proper completion of all forms provided by the Parish.  The Integrity Office requires parishes to obtain and keep all forms completed by parents for each of the events that their child will be involved in.

Filming and Photographing children at Parish/Parish events

Parishes are required to obtain written consent from parents in regards to all filming or photographing children (where applicable by an official parish photographer) for each individual parish event(s).

Please note this does not relate to personal photos taken by yourself or other parents.

For further explanation about filming and photographing by the Sydney Archdiocese, click HERE

FACEBOOK – it is important that all parents be aware that if you take personal photos of your own child and you ‘TAG’ St Christopher’s in photos on your personal Facebook page, the images also appear on an “unofficial” St Christopher’s Facebook page.  This “unofficial” page was created automatically by Facebook and is NOT CONTROLLED by St Christopher’s.  We kindly remind you to take care when uploading images of any children without parent consent.

What does this mean for volunteers involved with St Christopher’s parish Holsworthy?

It is important to note that should you volunteer for any parish events or ministries you will be required to comply with protocols set out by the Integrity Office.  In short, please

  • Promptly provide your Working with Childrens’ Check (WWCC) if requested by the parish office.
  • Promptly complete and return all forms provided by the parish office.  Technically the parish office is required to confirm your clearance before you are allowed to start working.
  • Remember to sign in in the ‘Sign In’ Register located in the church foyer each time you are rostered on for your Ministry – choir, acolyte, Lector, Wardens/Collector, Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister etc.

For further explanation, please click on the two attached documents below:

Fact Sheet: Dealing with Volunteers and Contractors

Protocol: Dealing with volunteers and contractors

PARISH BOUNDARY: If you are interested to know about the boundaries of St Christopher’s parish, click here