St. Christopher’s at Holsworthy was built as the first church to honour Australians who died in Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

From 1969 to 1998, St. Christopher’s served as a military chapel. Holsworthy’s first Chaplin, Fr. J. Boberg, said “it was the first parish church built within an Australian army establishment”.
Cardinal Gilroy, said “the completion of the new church was a blessing for the local congregation and for the nation”. He also said “to the nation there is given a further power house of prayer and penance by which God is honoured and his blessing is sought”.

In August 1998, St. Christophers became the Parochial District of Holsworthy.
Tragedy struck our parish when an arsonist set fire to the church on 4 March 2009. The altar and tabernacle, the most sacred parts of the church were completedly destroyed and much of the church was extensively damaged by smoke.   
Several artefacts were also lost but some sacred items were able to be removed from within the church by kind motorists passing by who stopped to help. To view the Liverpool Leader news video, CLICK on the image.