Pastoral Council

St Christopher’s Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest/Administrator (Fr Mathew) and Permanent Deacon Al Salu together with a group of parishioners chosen by the parish community.

The Pastoral Council’s role is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our world. The Pastoral Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community, working together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.

The responsibilities of the Pastoral Council are:

  • To work collaboratively with the Parish Priest/Administrator
  • To listen to parishioners and respond to the hopes, ideas, needs and concerns of parishioners grow in knowledge and awareness of what is already happening in the parish
  • To encourage and support the good work of existing groups within the parish
  • To evaluate carefully information gathered in order to contribute towards the making of decisions that reflect the values of the gospel and the teachings of the Church
  • To set long-term and short-term pastoral goals for the parish
  • To provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and with each other
  • To develop, implement & improve parish initiatives to assist parishioners’ continuing efforts to live as effective Christians in society. 

View Pastoral Council Guidelines.  The current members of the Parish Pastoral Council are:

Mr Phil Barrington Mrs Lila Fraser Mrs Catherine Ong
Mrs Helen Carter Mr Mathai Mathew Mr Viji Parackal
Mrs Lorraine de Lapp Mrs Fialigo Moli Mrs Leslie Pereira
Mr Hugh de Lapp Mr Ian Morrison Mrs Theresa Pereira

Ex-Officio Members:
Parish Administrator: Fr. Mathew
Permanent Deacon: Rev Mr Al Salu