The Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred sacrament in the Catholic church.  The loving communion that exists between a husband and his wife reveals to us the kind of love which Christ has for us: free, faithful, fruitful and forever.

Preparing for Marriage

You will be required to complete a marriage preparation course and further details of organisations that run these courses will be provided to you.

Arranging a Marriage

Our church is available for weddings only on Saturdays between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  To arrange a marriage at St Christopher’s, a minimum of six months’ notice prior to your intended marriage date is required.

Please contact the parish office for initial inquiries of available dates – including arranging the initial meeting with our parish priest.  From there you will be guided by our priest as to what has to happen prior to your marriage taking place.

Got some further questions?  Please click on either image below for more details:

“Getting Married in the Catholic Church” contains answers to more frequently asked questions about marriage and what is required.  This document is an authoritative source of Catholic teaching.

“Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage” is our own marriage information booklet with answers to questions that we frequently get asked about using our church for a wedding.