Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries can be participation through ‘behind the scenes’ preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass which parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations. 

Acolytes and Altar Servers

The Parish Priest is assisted in the liturgy by Acolytes and Altar Servers. Training is required for both ministries.  

Eligiblity to be an Altar Server – This ministry is open to all adults and young children who have received their Sacrament of First Holy Communion and (for younger children) whose parents believe they are ready and responsible to be trained as an altar server.  Training is provided by the parish.  Servers are assigned on a rotating schedule.

Eligibility to become an Acolyte: 

  • Must be baptised Catholic
  • Must have completed the Extra ordinary Eucharistic Ministers course offered by the Archdiocese.  This course runs every six months at Liverpool Parish.
  • Formal Application to Parish priest or by invitation from the Parish priest to become an acolyte
  • Additional training to be completed with the parish priest

If you feel called to one of these Ministries, please contact the parish office for further details.


Our Music Ministry has several choirs who play, participate and lead congregational singing at Sunday Masses on a rotational basis. 

If you are musically gifted, our choirs welcome any parishioners who wish to join their group.

Choir NameSings at the following MassesContact Person
Ray & Children’s Choir1st Saturday at 5:30pmRay Villarica
NO CHOIR ASSIGNED2nd Saturday at 5:30pm
NO CHOIR ASSIGNED3rd Saturday at 5:30pm
Ray Villarica & Mikayla4th Saturday at 5:30pm5th Saturday at 5:30pmRay Villarica
8am ChoirEvery Sunday at 8:00amFaustino Parcasio
Samoan Choir1st Sunday at 9:30amFia Simi
St Cecilia Choir2nd Sunday at 9:30am3rd Sunday at 9:30amMarion Fernandez
Youth Choir4th Sunday at 9:30am5th Sunday at 9:30amGrace Ramajo

Church Cleaning Ministry

We have a wonderful team of volunteers on a rostered basis who cleans, dusts and vacuums our church each week.

If you are interested in this Ministry, please contact the parish office. 

 Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

This liturgical ministry is responsible for distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at the weekend Masses and other times Mass is celebrated.  The Parish is always in need of parishioners who can assist with the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.

Interested parishioners need to be over the age of 18 years before they can become an Extraordinary Minister of Communion.  They will also be required to undergo training which the Archdiocese offers every six months at Liverpool Parish.

If you are interested in this Ministry, please contact the parish office.

Floristry Ministry

We have a wonderful group of ladies who are very talented with floral arrangements.

They take turns on a rostered basis to showcase their talents with the wonderful floral arrangements each weekend.

Linen Ministry

These ministers clean and press the altar linens and purificators used each week in our liturgies.  This is another invisible, yet essential ministry.  The cloths used at the altar in the Eucharistic celebration are to be treated with the care and respect due to those items being used in the preparation and celebration of the sacred mysteries.

Accordingly, guidelines are provided for their cleaning.  This ministry is time-flexible and is performed at home.

Ministers of the Word (Lectors) and Commentators

Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord during the Liturgy.  A lector should have a passion for Scripture, an ability to interpret and understand Scripture.

Interested parishioners need to be a confident reader and have sufficient public speaking skills as you are proclaiming the Word of God.  

We are always looking for new readers and commentators to read at our four weekend Masses.  For more information, please check out the guidelines of what is expected from our lectors and commentators located within the Administration page of this website. 

If you would like to become a Lector or a Commentator, please contact the parish office. 

Ushers/Wardens Ministry

Our friendly wardens will welcome you each time you attend Mass and help you to feel comfortable in the worshipping environment.

They will greet you, hand out bulletins, assist with communion traffic flow where required and ensure that Gift Bearers are available.

They are also responsible for the collections during our Masses.  Adults and high school students are welcome to serve.  If you are interested in this Ministry, please contact the parish office.