“A community striving for growth, unity, equality, love and commitment.” I welcome you into our parish community of St Christopher’s.  I trust you will find it to be a place where you will feel at home where your faith in God can be nourished. I would like to personally welcome you to our parish, this can be done after Mass or by a simple telephone call to 9825 1679. (see Office Hours)

As a parish community:

  • We celebrate God’s word and share the Eucharist
  • Support each other in faith and daily living.
  • Share leadership and look with great hope to our future.
  • Rejoice in the diversity of our gifts and skills
  • Are committed to the faith education of all our members
  • Are welcoming and accepting of everyone in the wider community
  • Are filled by the Holy Spirit to be Christ centred and
  • Full of hope in the fulfilling of our Vision.
  • Strive to serve Christ through prayer,

Our parish consists of people who come from many different cultures.  This provides all of us with a rich experience in sharing and celebrating together our Catholic faith.

I encourage you to consider becoming an active member of our parish in one of the many ministries and apostolic works.   Our parish is supported by many parishioners who generously donate their time, skills and talents and I’m sure there is something that will fit your interest or talent.  Furthermore, I can assure you that you will be welcomed with open arms here at St Christopher’s as we strongly believe that ‘many hands do make light work’.

Again I welcome you to our community and I hope you find our church a place where you will feel close to God’s love.  I pray that the Lord continue to bless all we do here at St Christopher’s and that we are filled by the goodness of God.

God Bless,

Fr Mathew Velliyamkandathil CRS
Parish Administrator