Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is made up of elected representatives from the parish community, along with the Parish Priest.  Elections are held every two years.  The PPC works with the parish priest to shape the vision and direction of the parish.  

For further information about our Parish Pastoral Council, please click here

 Finance Committee

This committee facilitates the financial management of the parish. To have a better understanding of Parish finances and the work that our parish does within our community, please click here for a full explanation about Parish Collections and Funding.

BEQUESTS – Have you ever considered leaving a Bequest in your Will to St Christopher’s?Bequests are a powerful reflection of the values and principles you treasure. What a great way to continue making a positive contribution to our Parish Community.

A parish can only sustain itself and it’s charitable works with the help of its parishioners whose generosity makes great things possible.

Rosters Coordinator: Ministers of Communion, Lectors and Commentators

The Parish welcomes parishioners who would like to be a part of our Lectors and Commentators Ministry.  Rosters are prepared three months in advance. 

Additional information about these ministries are located on our Liturgical Ministries page.  If you are interested in any of these Ministries, please contact the parish office.

Choir Coordinator

Our Parish has several choirs who play, participate and lead congregational singing at Sunday Masses on a rotational basis. 

If you are musically gifted, our choirs welcome any parishioners who wish to join their group.  A list of all our choirs are listed under the Liturgical Ministries page.