“The local parish provides basic ground for living Catholic life. It is the normal location of the celebration of key moments in the pilgrimage of faith through life…..” – Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney guidelines 2011

Here at St Christopher’s our sacramental program is parish based.  This means that all our programs are implemented and supported by the Parish.  It is open to all parishioners who worships and are active members in our parish community – irrespective of which school their children attends.

Our program is also ‘family-centred’.  This means that parents are required to be actively involved with their children’s lessons during each of the Sacramental programs.  Therefore full commitment will be required from both parents and the candidate.

The Program

“It is appropriate and recommended that candidates for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation prepare for them within the parish community.” – Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney guidelines 2011

As we are part of the Sydney Archdiocese, we follow their programs.  Our successful program runs over a six weeks period and consists of:

  • Information Session and a Commitment Mass – compulsory attendance to both by parent and candidate
  • Four weekly 1 hour lessons – compulsory for parent to accompany their child and also be an actively involved at all lessons
  • A Retreat Day – concludes and consolidates what the candidates have learnt which also includes a rehearsal of their Mass/Liturgy
  • Attendance to weekly Masses during the course of the program
  • A Thanksgiving Mass to celebrate and give thanks.

The lessons are facilitated by volunteer Group Leaders who are usually parents of the children.  Each Group Leader help run small groups of six candidates which provides a forum of dialogue between parent and their child about matters relating to faith.  

The content of the program is reinforced by our catechists and teachers in our local schools.  Home activities reinforce the work completed in the sessions.

For further details, eligibility and definition about our Sacrament Program, please click on our Sacramental Program Policy which has been endorsed by our Parish Pastoral Council.

Eligibility – children must be baptised members of the Catholic church to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Eastern Catholic rites (eg. Maronite or Melkite rites) – Parents of children who belong to Eastern Catholic rites must obtain written permission from their own Bishop before enrolling their child into our Parish program.  This is because children who belong to Eastern rites are usually confirmed (and some have already received First Holy Communion) at their Baptism.  We are aware that these parishes also run their own Sacramental programs which caters for these children.

When can my child receive the Sacraments?

First Reconciliation – Year 2 (or later)

First Holy Communion – Year 3 (or later)

Confirmation – Year 6 (or later)